Marshall Smith

Ph.D. Candidate in Africana Studies
Cornell University

I am a  currently a PhD candidate in Africana Studies at Cornell University, and have been drawn to francophone culture since childhood, spent primarily in New Orleans. Because of the region's strong French, African, and Native American influence, the creolization of these cultures both guide and inform my intellectual interests. I studied French as an undergraduate and received a M.A. in French. Before Cornell, I completed doctoral work in the French Studies graduate program at Tulane under the tutelage of Dr. Jean-Godefroy Bidima, former director of the Collège International de Philosophie à Paris and a member of the Comité pour la Mémoire de l'Esclavage. While at Cornell, I will also explore emerging African diasporas in Europe, especially Italy, as well as how 'European others' are creating space and resisting erasure through literature and other forms of cultural production.