Katarina Djordjevic

ESG Program Manager, Supply Chain
Intel Corporation

I am currently working at Intel in Supply Chain. Specifically, I work in integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programs internally, and externally into the supply chain. I started working at Intel nearly 2 years ago. Previously I was working in compliance at a law firm in Tucson (while in school), then I moved to MA to work at another law firm and when I moved back, I got the job at Intel. My immediate plans are to gain as much experience as I can in terms of supply chain, hopefully convert to finance and pick up certain projects in marketing and communications so that in 3 years I can open up my own coffee shop. I purchased a home in April 2012 and have since been turning it into my own place. I see myself in AZ for a few more years and then venturing out to another new country. I am currently working on an App for iOS called 'HerMuscle'. So I am learning a new language, programming! Continuing with French has helped me understand other cultures that I work with, speak their language, also has given me the ability to travel on behalf of the company to certain countries where no one else speaks the language.