Karina Rodríguez

Higher Education
Recruitment Coordinator
College of Humanities, The University of Arizona

As one of the most widely spoken languages, learning French exposed me to peoples and cultures from all over the world. Apart from the ability to communicate with the 118+ Million native speakers of French, I also gained a new global perspective which ultimately gave me the skills and confidence to work and interact with people from many different backgrounds. Studying abroad in Paris allowed me to practice flexibility, communication skills, and intercultural competence. Interning in a French class at a local high school offered various opportunities to practice public speaking and to study second/third language acquisition and teaching. Serving as an ambassador for the College of Humanities helped me to learn how to inspire others. Overall, my French degree ignited a passion for studying world languages and cultures and I am thrilled that I can share the value of a Humanities degree with others as the Recruitment Coordinator for the College of Humanities.