Issue 1 - December 2018

The first issue includes a selection of the work presented by graduate students at our first Graduate Student Conference in French in February 23-24, 2018.

They illustrate its scope and diversity with an article by Charlène Gilbert (Indiana University) which presents empirical data on wh-movement and native processing of intermediate traces in French Maurice Tetne (University of New Mexico) offers a critique of Ousmane's Camp de Thiaroye from a linguistic perspective, while Victoria Lagrange (Indiana University) focuses on how Charles Perrault's most well-known fairytale, Le Petit Poucet, explores morality. 

Articles in This Issue

Wh-movement and native processing of intermediate traces in French

“Il y a icy quelque chose que je n’entens pas” : The crisis of morality in “Le Petit Poucet” by Charles Perrault

Camp de Thiaroye ou la déconstruction du mythe colonial par le truchement de la langue Française