Ph.D. Minor in French

Guidelines and Course Work Certification

General Requirements

  • A Ph.D. minor in French consists of four courses (12 units) in French/Francophone language, literatures and cultures. 
  • Up to six units of gradu­ate credit for courses (taught in French or in English) may be transferred from a graduate degree program in French (at the University of Arizona or any other accredited institution). 
  • Ph.D. minors in French must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies in French and the Head of the Department of French and Italian. 


  • At the University of Arizona, Ph.D. Comprehensive Examinations consist in two examinations (written and oral).
  • Ph.D. minors in French are tested on course work (i.e., on the syllabi of up to four courses in French/Francophone language, literatures and cultures). 
  • The written part of the examination consists of a take-home essay of 10-12 pages, in French, to be completed within three weeks. 
  • The oral part focuses on the topic treated in the essay as well as on the works on the student's course syllabi.  

To download the Ph.D. Minor in French form, click here.

Any questions or inquiries about the program can be sent to the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Reginald Mcginnis at