Trending Now: The Value of a French Degree at Netflix

Friday, October 21, 2022 - 2:00pm
Dorothy Rubel Room Poetry Center

Join us on Friday, October 21 for a live interview with Bryce Coughlin, Head of Intellectual Property & Marketing Legal at Netflix!

Studying French at the UA, Bryce Coughlin (BA French & Anthropology) learned more than just a language - he learned a new way of viewing the world. After earning his bachelors and going to law school, he began focusing on intellectual property, which led him to the entertainment industry and ultimately a job at Netflix. Until recently, he led the international side of the IP team across offices all over the world, including Paris, Tokyo, Mexico City and has traveled extensively for his work. For Coughlin, just as important as getting the law right is asking questions and listening to get the cultural context right: "The beauty of a humanities degree: it allows space for exploration." 

In an interview with Dr. Carine Bourget, Coughlin will relate stories from his career in Hollywood and beyond.

Light refreshments will be served. Event is open to the public.

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