Business French I

Business French I (FREN 433/533, taught in the fall semester) is a course in French language and general business culture. It aims at the acquisition and reinforcement of the essential, practical content, vocabulary and style specific to every-day business situations and transactions. It is also designed to provide the students with a basic understanding of the French economy within the European Union, current socio-economic issues, and the socio-historical development of some sectors.  The course is structured thematically and taught in French. Readings and papers may, to some extent, be tailored to the interests or career goals of the students enrolled in the Professional MA in French or the Accelerated MA in French. Since emphasis is placed on written and oral communication, it is imperative that, prior to registration, native or near-native speakers of French and all graduate students contact the instructor, as well as (respectively) their undergraduate adviser or Director of Graduate Studies. Instructor’s consent is required for all graduate students.

Class Number: 

FREN 533


Regular grades are awarded for this course: A, B, C, D, E.

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May be convened with: 

FREN 433